“Greece as an international destination for studies and educational programs: current situation, perspectives and development of an international collaborative network for the academic community.”


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Study in Greece is happy to announce the organization of the first symposium, dedicated to the promotion of Greece as an international destination for studies and educational programs.

The main aim of the symposium is to inform the participants of the increasing international interest in studying and implementing educational activities and programs in Greece and to develop a framework for cooperation between the Study in Greece and the academic community with the aim of expanding the network of international partnerships and educational activities.

Participants will be members of the academic community, professors from the Greek Higher Educational Institutes, managers of postgraduate programs, particularly English- taught ones, and representatives of Greek Ministries and other institutions such as the Canadian Embassy, The Canadian Institute, etc.

In the context of the symposium the activities of Study in Greece will be presented, including the international partnerships developed with countries such as USA, Canada, China and the Balkan countries, as well as the prospects for the further expansion of the activities with the participation of the Greek Universities and TEIs.

"Study in Greece" is a not-for-profit action, under the auspices of the Greek State, which aims to promote studies in Greece, as well as the implementation of educational activities with international participants.

Your attendance at the symposium will be an honor for us.

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